AS Valior has been an influential importer and marketer of alchohol, wines and soft drinks on the Estonian market ever since 1992.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our consumers by providing more alternatives.
We adapt the strategies of internationally known trade marks to our local market and develop and promote new trademarks for the local market.

We achieve our aims by satisfying the interests of our clients and we do it by maximising the profits of our clients. We free our clients from activities, which are not their primary occupation, by studying the market and the trens, by analysing the needs of the consumers and the purchase potential of today and tomorrow.

We focuse on the development of the following values:

- Considering the needs of our clients and providing the best service;
- Reliability;
- Competence;
- Loyalty;
- Responsiveness and accuracy;
- Innovation.

With its wide range of alcoholic products and professional marketing services, Valior has become a reliable partner for its clients and co-operation partners.

The competitive advantage of Valior is based on the following factors:
· Wide and constantly extended range of products – Valior offers a rich and constantly improved range of different drinks in Estonia. The assortment of Valior consists of more than 250 products products by 20 manufacturers.
· Active marketing - Valior creates added value through product introductions, training, image development, sales development, and advertising.
· Good client service – Valior’s sales representatives help the clients to compile drink cards, hold consultations and place orders.
· Professional training – courses carried out by Matti Timmermann help the clients of Valior to become good drink experts.
· Quick and flexible logistics – Valior’s logistics ensure that the required products reach the clients fast and conveniently.
· Proficient employees – Valior’s employees are competent and friendly.

These factor have given rise to Valior’s success and created our competitive advantage. The constant growth and development of Valior is a confirmation of our business strategy, which creates values for both to the owners and the partners of the enterprise and for the Estonian alcohol market as a whole.

We are grateful to all our partners – they have been the inspiration behind our growth and development.

Co-operation with Valior is profitable, convenient and interesting.



List of our products can be found in Valior's Estonian language site under Tooted menu.